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How Many Pounds Would You Lose if You Drank Pure Water Instead of Soda Pop?

"High fructose corn sweeteners were introduced into the food industry at exactly the same time as the prevalence of obesity began to rapidly rise, about 1970."

- Journal of the American Medical Association
April 9, 2003 - Vol.289, No.14, pg.1854

The Weight Control Program starts by re-framing how you think about beverages as well as food. And it's all about choosing the right fuel for your body.

Food is not Love

Food is not Comfort


Weight Control Program



For a 25-30 pound weight loss (a total of six sessions) in approximately 8-10 weeks, is usually beneficial.

This program offers no specific food plan.
Dietary recommendations from qualified health care professionals can be reinforced with Clinical Hypnosis, by request.