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Need to Know

Payment Policy

  • No insurance is accepted.
  • Cash, personal check, money order, Visa/Mastercard/Discover, MSA/HSA cards accepted.
  • Returned check fees will be collected from the client before re-scheduling next appointment.
  • No balance carryover permitted except by special arrangement with Dr. Wells.
  • Credit balances will expire after six months.

Cancellation Policy

  • Appointments cancelled 24 hours in advance = no charge.
  • No show/same day cancellation = regular session fee, due before next appointment.
  • Cancellations for inclement weather or medical necessity = no charge.

This location is NOT handicap accessible

There may be pet hair/dander present at this location


No claims are made to cure any medical/psychological condition or change a situation. Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy are not intended as a substitute for any medical or psychological treatments you may be in need of, or currently receiving.

However, Hypnosis and its methodology have been shown to be a complimentary form of treatment and can be used in conjunction with professional medical care. Therefore, if you are currently experiencing severe symptoms, including bacterial infections, medical traumas or disorders of thought such as schizophrenia, chronic depression or psychosis, you are advised to receive professional face-to-face treatment from medical practitioners before considering the benefits of any alternative treatments, including Hypnosis.

Valorie J. Wells is not a medical doctor or licensed psychologist.

All medical and/or psychological issues will be referred to an appropriately licensed health care professional.

Valorie reserves the right to deny service to any prospective or current client without explanation or cause.