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Certified Hypnotherapist in Kansas City, Kansas

Take your life back with the help of Valorie J. Wells PhD. As a certified hypnotherapist based in Kansas City, Kansas, Dr. Wells helps individuals nationwide struggling with depression, weight loss, insomnia, and many other issues.

Valorie, Certified Hypnotherapist in Kansas City, KS

The Top 5 Reasons People Choose Hypnosis:

• Panic & Anxiety
• Insomnia

• Weight Loss
• Depression

Smoking Cessation

The Top 5 Reasons People Choose Hypnosis from
Valorie J. Wells PhD:

- Recommended by Top Health Care Providers in Both Kansas & Missouri
- More than 50% of Her New Clients Are Referred by Family & Friends
- She Has Charged the Same Rates since 2004
- Evening Office Hours Available
- She Now Offers Her Services Online via Skype

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Your Personal Hypnotherapist

Clinical Hypnosis is NOT the same as the entertainment of a stage hypnotist
The performer in a comedy club knows that only the “class clown” type of personality is going to volunteer to come up on stage in front of a room full of strangers and quack like a duck. 

You will soon recognize the value of therapeutic clinical hypnosis in your first session with Valorie Wells.

“You are never out of control. You are actually in a heightened state of awareness, using your Inner Self or subconscious mind, to act as an Inner Coach.”-Valorie J. Wells

During a two- year field study in the use of hypnotic regression for identity crisis for twins, Valorie dedicated her practice exclusively to clinical hypnosis in 1993. 

Valorie works in collaboration with many area physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and hospitals. 

“Clinical Hypnotherapy is the ultimate self-help tool. It’s not my power, it’s YOUR power! 
This is what you’ve been looking for: the way to take back control of your own life over bad habits, fears, phobias, pain and stress.”
-Valorie J. Wells


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